The lunch talks will be in a small circle (around 25 participants). We will have moderated incentive speeches of 30 to 40 minutes, followed by enough space for your questions and dialogues.

(Meanwhile on Zoom)

What are the lunch talks about?

  • Key steps to becoming a leader
  • Being a female scientist in leadership
  • fs:leads contribution to leadership contribution
  • Tips for young female professionals in science

Our upcoming Lunch-Talks:


17.10.2023 - Prof. Dr. Susanne Foitzik

14.11.2023 - Dr. Kristina Klinker

06.02.2024 - Dr. Julia Rolnik

05.03.2024 - Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil

09.04.2024 - Dr. Lydia Langen

07.05.2024 - Dr. Andrea Frenzel