fs:leads – a new offer for female scientists



Zoe Hoffard

Edeltraud Eller
MBA, Coach, Mediator
Program Management, ADA Management



fs:leads – a new offer for female scientists

promoted by the Equality and Diversity Office from JGU


We are advancing role models for female scientists in the academic as well as non academic fields.
fs:leads - female scientist leads.
Besides general questions regarding leadership we focus on; which aspects of being a woman and which aspects of being a scientist underline the quality of successful leadership.
There is already research on the subject of women in leadership. We want to be even more specific and focus on our female scientists and ask; does being shaped by science education have an impact on the way you lead?
Our female leaders are made visible and tangible for prospective female scientists. In our various formats, we open up the exchange between the already experienced leaders and the new women in science.

Lunch Talks: 12.15 - 13.45 Uhr

The lunch talks will be in a small circle (around 28 participants). We will have moderated incentive speeches of 30 to 40 minutes, followed by enough space for your questions and dialogues.
(Meanwhile on Zoom)