Valerie Andre

Who are you?

Name: Valerie Andre

Profession/Position/Enterprise: Staff to a SVP and Physics
Referee, BASF


  • you are a leader… in what context?

In the Platform Research at BASF

  • What is most important to you in leading?

To be credible and that people trust you.

  • What do you enjoy about it? Why?

When a team solves a problem or has success in a project.

When a new idea is brought further.

  • What were important steps on your way to leadership?

Understand the rules of internal politics (awareness for organisation).Understand how to write a strategy and to quickly analyse a large amount of data.

Executive summaries.

  • From your perspective…How does being female contributes to your success in leadership?

Some people think a female will bring less discussions that lead nowhere

  • How does being a scientist contributes to your success in leadership? 

This helps for structured thinking and analytical ability. Solving complex problems.

  • What tips do you have for young female scientists who want to take a leadership role? 

Leadership remains tough for male and female. Be sure you are ready to give up quite some freedom.

Do not count on anything else but competency and willingness to do the job.